About Me

I have been a manicurist in the Dallas area for many years. I love my work and my clients but I want to do more. Web design has been a way that I can be an artist without being able to paint. I enjoy working with individuals and trying to see their vision. The perfect client is one that wants a website, has an idea of what they want but needs guidance. I can help that client get the perfect website.

I spend my free time helping animals. I volunteer with Metroplex Animal Coalition and Paws In the City. Spay, Neutering and Adoption is the only way we are going to empty the shelters. Also I have started in my neighborhood the Animal Alert Program. We are trying to help lost pets find their home. There are many good animals out there that need you. Remember, SPAY and NEUTER!

Motivation: Getting a job done and doing it well.

Picture: Charlie Brown and Me (Charlie is on the left).



~maeleska fletes ~ 214.766.3577 ~